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Over the past 20 years, our team has carried out engineering projects and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas for global leaders in the pharmaceutical, biosecurity and high-technology industries.

In which sectors are we?

Our team of engineers and technicians designs solutions for cleanrooms and critical areas with very high specifications in terms of GMP, from the production of sterile products, high potency products … to installations with humidity levels close to 0% and areas of biological containment with BSL3 and BSL4. Our cleanrooms and critical areas are safe, efficient and of the highest quality, in accordance with ISO, FDA & EMEA GMP, GLP, ASTM 2500 standards and national regulations.We offer a complete service which includes the design of cleanrooms and critical areas tailored to the type of process, the installation (including the architecture of cleanrooms and critical environments, air treatment, utilities and specialised equipment), commissioning, full compliance validation and maintenance of your facilities. Watch this video where we’ll explain you in one minute what we do:

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